Automatic Double Station bubble pressing Machine

The automatic two station stripping machine is specially designed to efficiently press solid boxes with lid and base (top and bottom). Its high working speed, high pressure pressing and stable design make it a great tool for box manufacturers to avoid problems such as scratches caused by the manual bubble pressing process. This machine is necessary to improve the quality of boxes and reduce the rate of defective products. The machine can be plugged into an automatic line.

User-friendly touch screen interface, easy to set tasks and parameters.

The operator can set different working patterns on the touch screen with the setting of pressing speed and time, the machine can adjust automatically, and the data will be saved to the computer for the next project with the same box.

Super high pressure, great bubble pressing effect, helps to deal with the problems caused by poor quality glue.



Maximum box size D380*Š280*V100mm
Min. box size D60*Š50*15 mm
Working speed 30-45 ks/min
Machine size 2820*1350*1790
Machine weight 900KG
Machine performance AC220V/0,5kw