SLQ-600S automatic bidirectional paperboard grooving machine

For cutting v shape groove on the different material, such as coated paper, thin paperboard, art paper, it can make the boxes with the best straight edges and 90 degree corners, so as to increase the visual effect of the boxes and improve the quality grade of boxes. The boxes can be rigid box, luxury box, jewelry box, electronic product box, cosmetic box, etc.

Automatic feeding, by bidirectional cutting automatically, high cutting precision (±0.15mm).

  1. Feida feeding system, to avoid the scratch problem of material surface.
  2. CNC servo grooving knives, only need to input the groove distance on the touch screen, the knives will come back to its position.
  3. Paperboard 90 degree turn around system—mainly through the middle drum, high speed, high stability, no scratch.
  4. Two dedicated conveyor belt for removing the waste material out of the machine.
  5. Automatic collector holder for final product: to save time and man power.
Function Technical parameter
Material size of 1st step Length 195-560mm ,width 195-560mm
Material size of 2nd step Length 195-560mm, width 195-560mm
Grooving knives of 1st step 6 sets
Grooving knives of 2nd step 6 sets
Best accuracy ±0.05mm
Normally accuracy ±0.1mm
Material thickness 200-350GSM
Grooving angle 80-140 degree adjustable ,

(90º=80º-110º ,120º=110º-140º)

Angle adjustable type Each knife head can be adjustable independently
Speed Normally :80PCS/Min

Fast :120PCS/Min

Quantity of girder (crossbeam ) 2 sets
Quantity of knife row 3 rows ( 2 rows of knives on the 1st girder ,1 row of knives on the 2nd girder )
The way of feeding paper Feida air feeding system
Platform type of adding paper Upper and lower platform ( save the time of paper putting )
Adjustable knife left position or right Servo positioning
Grooving depth Manual adjustment is required for the first time .

When you change the product and the knife, as long as the grooving angle is unchanged, there is no need to adjust the depth by second time .

Rolling belt adjustment Remove the belt quickly by handwheel
Waste cleaning system Automatic waste cleaning system with air system+ 2 dedicated conveyor belts
Weight 5000KGS
Power 6.0KW
Machine dimension 3200*2950*1570mm
Edge correction principle of 1st step Belt correction + steel ball correction