Automatic diecutter 60T

  • Pneumatic lock-up system on diecutting chase to increase efficiency

Easy slide in and out of diecutting plate is realized by air floating device

  • Centerline system on diecutting chase with transversal micro adjustment ensures accurate registration thus results in quick job changeover.
  • Aluminum gripper bar and positioning system, gripper plate 2-plate design
  • All main drive chains are delivered in pairs from Japan and must undergo a special long-run test
  • Equipped with reliable brake air clutch imported from Europe
  • Equipped with German design non-stop feeding system supplied by Mabeg Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
  • Lateral blowing system is adopted to enhance paper separation. Equipped with electronic sensor to detect double sheet during transportation
  • On the suction head, there is a micro adjustment device to adjust paper feeding to increase efficiency
  • Standard machine is equipped with one side lay with sensor at the operation side
  • Equipped with front lay sensor positioning system
  • IVRS camera system for diecutting of digital printing product (optional) – with IVRS camera and servo driven side lay, machine can register paper position by printing mark on digital printing
  • The installation of the anti-obstacle device on the feeding section is to prevent obstacle from entering into the machine which may cause damage on the machine
  • 2 units of longitudinal foil feeding system as standard
  •  Foil rewinding unit and foil unwinding unit are inside the machine, changing foil and replacing waste foil can be done outside of the machine easily
  • The whole unit can be slide outside of the machine and hence changing foil can be done easily
  • Standard with 6 individually controlled heating zones with tolerance ±1℃
  • Servo motors control pressure automatically with auto-drop pressure device
  • Air blowing foil separation device is available
  • Dwell time device is available for big area stamping
  • Equipped with side alignment board to collect the pile tidily
  • Safety photo-electric devices prevent over-ascending and over-descending of paper pile
  • Adjustable depressor brush helps unloading paper from grippers and piling up paper
  • Air-controlled rear alignment board switch design, easy to pick finished product sample
Maximum sheet size 600×430mm
Minimum sheet size 297×210mm

Optional minimum sheet size:210×180mm

Maximum stamping size 584×420mm
Paper thickness 100-1200 g/㎡E flute corrugated paper
Maximum pressure 150 tons
Maximum speed 6500 sheets/hour
Maximum stamping speed 5000 sheets/hour
Heating zones 6
Number of foil rollers 2
Maximum foil roll (diameter) 120mm
Max. pile height at feeder 850mm
Max. pile height at delivery 850mm
Main motor power 7.5kw
Total power 15kw(Diecutting) 30kw(Stamping)
Dimension L2950×W1500×H1800mm
Weight 4.2 tons