Automatický tvarovač kelímků

Cup size 2.5-12oz(different size mold exchanged)
Suitable paper material 150-380g/m2(single or double PE-coated paper)
Capacity 70-85pcs/min
Power source 380V 50HZ(please inform us your power in advanced)
working power 5KW
Weight 2350KG
Total Power 8KW

Forming machine is the latest model which use the high level technical to improve, use the interval paper feeding, ultrasonic(heater)sealing, robot hand cup body transfer, oiling, bottom punching, bottom folding, pre-heating, knurling, cup collection to form the cups, whole machine use the single shaft driving system, open cam system, and gear driving, automatic oil lubrication, machine use the sensor alarming system, it is an idea machine based on old model(three plates chain driving machine model)

1. Use the vertical shaft system, open cam and gear driving system, automatic oil lubrication
2. Forming section use separated cup bottom folding pre-heating section and knurling & curling section, reduce the machine loading and improve the balance of the whole section
3. Use the individual cam to control the curling, knurling and pre-heating working position, more accurate, and easy to operate
4. use the Pneumatic regulating valve to the adjust bottom paper feeding instead of the bottom feeding plate, install the sensor to check bottom feeding to avoid without bottom and bottom shortage, decrease the rejection rate