Automatic bidirectional cardboard slitting machine SLF-1300

  1. Newly full automatic cardboard cutting slitting machine, with drum type. It is farewell to traditional ways of cutting, adopts the new way of transportation structure and cutting. It’s wrapping the cardboard on the entire surface of the drum ( the drum diameter is 60cm ), then to cut the cardboard by straight blades, it guarantees the cutting edge straightly and smoothly,no deviation.

Excellent collecting : Automatically collect half-finished cardboard  and transport them to the stacking platform for secondary cutting

  1. The second cutter : to cut the needed size of cardboard by straight blades, and meanwhile clean the edge waste chip by automatically.
  2. Finished board will be delivery by dedicated conveyor belt.
  3. The machine has the features of high accuracy, high production efficiency, high labor saving and with durable cutting blade.
Maximal material size 1200*1200mm
Minimal material size 700*700mm
Max finished board size 1200*700mm
Minimal finished board size 140*100mm
Thickness 1.5-3.5mm
Cutting speed of first cutter 13-20 Sheets ( board size 1200*900mm)
Cutting precision ±0.15mm
Min.width of Waste strip 10mm
Min.distance between two blades 70mm
Power 10KW
Voltage As per customer’s
Blade quantity of each cutter 8 sets
Drum quantity 2sets
Drum width 1300mm
Machine dimension 3990*2950*1485mm
PLC Xinjie
Overvoltage protection device Schneider
Inverter Senlan /Schneider /Omron
Relay Omron /Muller
Switch German Muller