Double station twisted paper rope machine

This machine is mainly supporting high-speed hand the machine and paper bag machine, able to quickly produce a circular rope, so as to higher speed the machine to provide raw materials. The machine with a narrow web of raw materials, through the high-speed rotation of the axis of the machine, so that the paper twisted into a rope, and in the form of rope to save. The user can adjust the diameter of the rope, so as to meet different production requirements.

Core Diameter of Raw Rope Roll Φ76 mm(3”)
Max. Paper Rope Diameter 700mm
Paper Roll Width 20-100mm
Paper Thickness 20-60g/㎡
Paper Rope Diameter Φ2.5-6mm
Max. Rope Roll Diameter 300mm
Max. Paper Rope width 300mm
Production Speed 20-40m/min
Power Requirements 220V
Total Power 1.5KW
Total Weight Approx.700KG
Overall Dimension L1580*W1440*H930mm
Name Original/Brand
Motor Golden goal (Dongguan)
Inverter Rexroth (Doctor of Germany)
Bearing NSK (Japnanese)
Paint Professional mechanical paint
Low voltage electrical Chint (Zhejiang)