Full Automatic Slitting Rewinding Machine

Slitter Rewinding Machine suitable for Printing&Packaging Industry, converting jumbo roll to narrow roll(The minimum width 30mm, the maximum diameter 1000mm). Jumbo roll material, such as cardboard paper, kraft paper, coated paper, single silicon paper etc slitting & rewinding.

  1. PLC controlling system make the machine having an intelligent operation. Machine using three sets servo motors control keep the rewinding roll with high precision. Automatic tension control system. Center&Surface Rewinding Type make the rewinding roll compact and slitting surface is very smooth.
  2. Machine use frequency converter adjust speed, keep stable running when speed go up.
  3. Automatic count meter, automatic alarm and stop when the roll reach the setting diameter or length.
  4. Rewinding shaft use two pcs air shaft structure,finished rewinding rolls automatic unloading device.
  5. Round blade knife slitting the material, blade knife freely adjustment by manual, and waste material take out by fan
  6. Web material edge position automatic correct (EPC system)
  7. Automatic cylinder shaft mother roll unwinding structure/hydraulic shaft-less mother
Max width mother roll 1600mm
Min width finished roll 30mm
Max diameter mother roll 1400mm
Max diameter finished roll 1000mm
Max mother roll weight 1200KG
Speed of slitting 0-300/min
Slitting capability 40-400gsm
Rewinding way Central&surface
Precision ±0.2mm
Speed regulation control Frequency converter
Power input 380V,50HZ,3PH
Dimension 3600*3200*1900
Total weight 4200KG

Drive system

Main motor 7.5KW,Servo motor
Rewind motor 7.5KW,Servo motor(2sets)
Feeding roller Rubber roller
Transmit roller Aluminum roller
Transmit way Synchronous
Pressing way cylinder
Rewinding shaft Pneumatic shaft
Bearing Renben

Slitting equipment

Slitting way Blade knife slitting
Blade knife 5sets
Adjustment way Freely by manual

Unwinding equipment

Unwinding structure 3inch,Pneumonia shaft-less
Lifting way hydraulic control
Guide way Right&Left 75mm