VERSO folding and gluing machine has a compact structure but all necessary features of a full-size machine.

With its minimalist design, it offers the ability to produce single, double or three-point packaging. Thanks to its design, Verso is ideal for space-constrained environments, thus providing high production capacity. Despite its compact design, the machine is very versatile, among others, is used to bond solid cardboard and microwave cardboard packaging.

The device allows for the precise performance of packages, according to the set pattern, and also the flexibility of the whole production process. Thanks to the possibility to implement immediate changes to the production process, the device is a perfect solution for both small and big production batches.

Standard configurations: 50, 60, 80 cm of working width.

Grammage: 80 – 350 g/m.

Model Verso

50 60


Max. grammage

800 g/m3

Cardboard type

N, F, E


400 V

Power (kW)

13 – 15 kW

Length (m)

8,5 – 10,5 m

Weight (t)

4 – 7 tun


200 m/min

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