Aopack Box Maker Machine BOXMAKER-SE

BM2508-SE is a fully automatic multifunctional box maker with horizontal slotting and scoring, vertical slitting and creasing, horizontal cutting all in one compact machine.

Compared to BM2508-Plus model, the BM2508-SE model is an economic version machine, which is of great significance to all users under the epidemic. To reduce budget and expenses, it is equipped with a 900mm lead edge feeder, 2 vertical creasing wheels, and removed handhole die cutting module.

  • Only one worker is enough to operate the machine
  • Competitive price
  • Multifunctional machine
  • Change order in 60 seconds
  • Order records can store more than 6,000
  • Local installation and commissioning
  • Operational training for customers
Corrugated board type  Sheets Or Fanfold (Single , Double wall)
Cardboard thickness 2-10mm
Cardboard density range   Up to 1200g/m²
Max.board size 2500mm width x unlimited length
Min.board size 200mm  width x 650mm length
Production Capacity Appr.7-10 pcs/minute
Depends on size and box style.
Slotting Knife 2 pcs *500mm Length
Vertical Cutting knife 4
Scoring/Creasing wheel 2  (Option 4)
Horizontal Cutting knife 1
Power supply BM2508-SE 380V±10%,Max. 6.2kW, 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7MPa
Dimension 3370(W) * 1800(L)* 2000mm(H)
Gross Weight Appr.2800Kg
Automatic paper feeding Lead edge feeder 900mm
Handhole on box sides No
Air Consumption 40L/Min
Box styles About 27 (36)Fefco codes

Control panel

Interactive touch screen control panel with 10” diagonal, start & stop button.

Sheet loading

Can load 20-30 sheets with thickness from 1.5 to 10 mm.

Vertical Scoring & Slitting

4 cutting knives that rotate by servo motor to make the edges of the carton nicer and straighter.

Horizontal Slotting & Scoring

Two 500 mm symmetrical slotting knives.

Horizontal cutting.

Cuts excess cardboard without an additional paper separator.

  1. Inline dispersion gluing

The machine applies a layer of dispersion adhesive to the carton as it passes. This allows the operator to close and seal the box immediately after the pass. The glue consumption is 15 ml per metre and the machine is equipped with a 15 litre tank, so 1500 metres can be glued per refill.



  1. Inline Flexotisk

Stroj může být dovybaven jednobarevnou flexotiskovou jednotkou.

Tato jednotka umožnuje potisknout krabice ve formátu 200*500mm.