VARIO ECO is a reliable device which joins the highest quality with functionality in an economic form. Thanks to a compact structure the device is suitable for limited production space.

It is a base machine that is perfect for further assembly of semi-adhesive tapes.

At full configuration of the machine, it works as a device for the production of e-commerce packages. It will be a good solution for e-commerce packages.

The machine is easy to operate. The control over the machine is performed with the use of a touch panel which interface is joined to the base machine.

Additionally, it is possible to equip the machine with optional applicators and the system of automatic decoilers. The decoilers may serve for much bigger rolls of a tape than those used in a standard configuration. It significantly increases the efficiency of a base machine by lowering the number of necessary downtimes.

Model Vario ECO 60 80 100 115 120
Max. weight 120 g/m3
Paperboard type B, C, BC, BE, E
Voltage 400 V
Power 0,75 – 5 kW
Speed 20 – 100 m/min
Length 5 – 10 m
Weight 3 – 6 3 – 6,5 3,5 – 7