Die cutting machine Guowang C80 Q with stripping

1.Taiwan feeder with 4 suction cups for lifting & 4 suction cups for transfering ensures stable and fast paper feeding.

2.Preload device, non-stop feeding function, with Max pile height up to 1600 mm.

3.Rail-guided preload device enables operators to move the prepared pile to the feeder accurately and conveniently.

4.Side layers can be shifted from pull layers to push layers to fit different formats.

5.Front layers are controlled by Japan Fuji servo motor; its adjustment can be achieves through touch screen.

6.Paper feeding will slow down when the paper is about to reach front lays to achieve a more accurate paper orientation.

7.German stainless steel brings you a smooth and quick paper conveyance.

1.Cutting force is controlled by Japan Fuji servo motor to achieve accurate and stable die cutting controlling through touch screen

The cutting force adjustment is accurate to 0.01mm.

2.The chase and die cutting plate are automatically locked by Japan SMC pneumatic cylinder; comparing to manual lock,this ensures

much faster and sfter operation.

3.Rail-guided preload device enables operators to move the prepared pile to the feeder accurately and conveniently.

4.By using special auxiliary tools, cutting dies of different sizes can be adopted to meet different task needs.

5.Grippers are structured in an adjustable type to ensure accurate paper registering.

1.Centerline registering ensures fast installation of the middle stripping frame; it also shortens set-up time while changing jobs.

2.Choose to use stripping function by raising or lowering the upper stripping frame manually.

3.All stripping tool manufacturing is standardized that they are applicable to machines of different makes.

1. Alternating current motor controlled delivery brake helps collect and align the paper.

2.You can also control each unit of the machine by using the 10.4’ touch screen at delivery unit.

3.Auxiliary delivery rack ensures non-stop delivery; the speed slows down when delivery rack needs to be shifted.

4.Servomotor controlled rear layers are applicable for paper with different sizes.

5.Synchronous belt is wear resistant and of long service life.

 Machine parameter
 1 Sheet size 800*600mm (MAX.)
297*300mm  (MIN.)
 2 Max.die cutting size 785*585mm
 3 Gripper margin 7-17mm
 4 Max.die cutting force 150 TON
 5 Paper size GSM Card Board:90~2000g/m2
Corrugated Paper:≤4mm;  Cardboard:0.1-3mm
 6 Max. die-cutting speed 7500 SHEET/HOUR
 7 Max. pile height at feeder 1400mm
 8 Max. pile height at delivery 1150mm
 9 Main motor power 7.5kw
 10 Total power 13kw
 11 Weight 12.3 TON
 12 Overall dimension 5670*3900*2370mm
 13 Air source 0.5~0.8MPa;600L/min