CASSIO HYBRID is a device made to produce large-scale packages.

Depending on the needs, its specific structure enables the performance of the process of folding in two different technological modes: linear-continuous and cyclical – based on the use of folding arms. In case of standard intermediate products the process of forming cardboard boxes may be performed in highly-efficient, basic linear mode. For more demanding large-scale packages or extremely difficult intermediate products, however, the process may be performed with the use of cyclical technological mode.

Thanks to the systems of leveling packages, the quality of the final product is at the highest level, according to the binding norms.

Model Cassio

200 250 300


Cardboard type

A, B, C, E, F, N, BE, BF, EF


400 V

Power (kW)

7 – 9 kW

Length (m)

5 – 10,5 m

Weight (t)

4 – 7 tun


60 m/min

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