ARISTO is a highly efficient machine of a compact, low structure which has the option of cold or hot adhesive bonding of packages up to 6 points, even of the highest grammage. It distinguishes by the high speed of production with the possibility of immediate and comfortable resetting. ARISTO series is intended especially for those clients who expect uncompromising production parameters at minimal amounts of waste.


The machine is perfect for both small and big production batches.

With the use of appropriate technologies of VERSOR company, the machine is perfect for the production of e-commerce packages.

The use of a fully automated version allows for a significantly shorter time of resetting of the machine.

Model Aristo

145 165 185 200 210


Max. grammage

2000 g/m3

Cardboard type

A, B, C, E, F, N, BE, BF, EF

Max. product height

38 mm


400 V

Power (kW)

16 – 36 16 – 36

16 – 40

Length (m)

16 – 26 m

Weight (t) 8 – 11 10 – 15 10 – 18

10 – 20


250 m/min

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