New World-B220 paper bag making machine

NEW WORLD-B220 paper bag making machine is used to produce environment-friendly paper bags, food paper bags, and shopping paper bags with paper as raw materials. This machine is to finish the paper bag by side gluing, tube forming, tube cutting, the bottom indenting, the bottom gluing, bottom forming, and finishing bag collection. The whole machine adopts a Japanese YASKAVA electronic control system, controlled by servo motor-produced paper bag products, high accuracy, strong stability, simple maintenance, production efficiency, is the most ideal equipment for printing plants and paper bag manufacturers.



Paper bag length

(Cutting length)

Paper bag width 80-220mm
Paper bag bottom width 50-120mm
Paper thickness 45-150g/m2
Paper roll width 280-710mm
Roll paper diameter 1300mm
Machine MAX Speed 280pcs/min
Paper bag speed 180-220pcs/min
Machine power 380V 3 Phase 4 line  15kw
Machine weight 5600kg
Machine size 8600*2600*1900mm