Fanfold machine FF 2800


A new generation of box making machine – this machine not only realizes the use of fanfold cardboard to produce boxes, but also solves the problems of slotting, slitting, and creasing for boxes processing, which is what other manufacturers’ equipment cannot do.

Provide a one-stop carton solution for customized product packaging, allowing box users to realize box freedom, self-sufficiency, production at any time, and carton and product accompanying production.



This machine is an excellent solution for a large number of industries. Your boxes will always match the specification and you will have them available whenever you remember. And all this without long machine setups or input material changes. At the same time, you will significantly save production waste.

This means it will find its application not only in the cartoning industry, but also in areas such as furniture, hardware accessories, e-commerce logistics and many other industries.


2-10 mm three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer cardboard can be processed to meet different user needs.

  • Multifunctional machine
  • Order change in 1-5 seconds
  • Order software – optional equipment can save, edit and modify orders
  • Fully automatic setup
  • Tools that are optional on similar machines can be found here as standard equipment
Cardboard used


2-10 mm Fanfold/Sheet

Up to 1350 g/m2

Three layer, five layer seven layer with limitations

Min./max. cardboard width 500-2800 mm



Reprogrammed time 1-5 s

Different size box 3-6 pcs/min

Same size box 4-10 pcs/min

Minimum distance between two crimping lines 18 mm
Slotting depth range 0-500 mm
Accuracy Length deviation: 1 mm

Horizontal width deviation: 1 mm

Electric supply 380 V +10 % 50/60 Hz
Max power 5.5 kW
Air supply 0.5-0.8 MPa
Cardboard channels 1-6
Horizontal cutting knife 2
Slotting knife


2*500 mm


Scroing beam 1
Slitting and creasing integrated knives 4-8 standard 6
Cardboard feed module 2


Feeders (1-6 pieces according to customer’s choice) ensure optimal feeding of the correct carton size into the machine. No need to change the input material. Automatic carton selection according to the order.

Horizontal cutting blade

Adjustment of the cutting length according to the needs of the order.

Chopping, creasing, creasing and cutting

A complete set of tools for cardboard processing in rake production is available in the basic machine setup. There is no need to change tools, so changing the job is possible in a matter of seconds.

Two horizontal cutting knives

One at the beginning and one at the end of the production area ensure correct length, material handling and precise cutting of the carton with a tolerance of up to 1 mm.

Operating system

A specially developed operating system that is accessed via a 16.5 inch touch screen. The display ensures very simple operation. Just select the box type and enter the size for direct carton processing.

A new box type can be added free of charge, and the system communicates via dock scan code, MES, ERP and more.

Ordering system (OPCE)

A superior ordering software system that allows for even more efficient order processing. You can customize headers, independently add box types, set up label printing, QR codes, save orders, search for historical orders, etc.

It supports automatic processing of data sent from MES, ERP, etc.; it can also import orders in Excel format and select orders for processing as needed.

Special features of the FF 2800

Standard number of vertical creasing wheels is 6, 2 can be added up to a maximum of 8; minimum distance between creasing wheels is 18mm, supplied as standard, not as an option.
The machine brings significant savings in waste material.

Accessories (OPCE)

  • Extra creasing wheels (2 pcs)
    Ordering software
    Fanfold carton feeder units – the machine has one unit in the base, up to 6 units can be added as an option.