High speed full servo window patching machine TC- 1100H

The full servo paper feeder system can adjust cartons of different thickness and specifications to ensure that cartons enter the conveyor belt quickly and stably. Double – channel paper – feeding efficiency.

The quick change of cold glue plate can adapt to the quick adjustment of different products.The cold roller is controlled by servo system, and the position of the front and back of the plate can be adjusted by computer, which is fast and accurate.When the machine stops, the cots automatically operate at low speed to prevent the glue from drying.

The height of glue-coated drum can be adjusted, so it can be adjusted quickly.The lifting device can lift the machine when there is no carton entry to prevent the rubber plate from contacting the conveyor belt.

The whole machine adopts 9 servo motor drive, high precision, good stability, easy to adjust.

With data memory function.

Max. Paper Size(L*W) 960X1100 mm
Min. Paper Size(L*W) 200X150mm
Max. thickness of Paper(corrugated) 6 mm
Max. thickness of Paper (cardboard) 200-500g/m²
Max. Patch size(L*W) 600X800 mm
Min. Patch size(L*W) 40X40 mm
Film thickness 0.03-0.25mm
Max.speed of small size paper One channel ≤ 20,000 PCS/H

Double channel ≤ 40,000 PCS/H

Max.speed of Medium size paper One channel ≤ 15,000 PCS/H

Double channel ≤ 30,000 PCS/H

Max.speed of big size paper One channel ≤ 10,000 PCS/H
Small size paper length range 120≤paper length≤280mm
Medium size paper length range 220≤paper length≤460mm
Big size paper length range 420≤paper length≤960mm
Single channel width range 150<paper width≤400mm
Double channel width range 150≤paper width≤400mm
Machine specifications 6800X2100X1900 mm
Machine Power 14KW
Real Power About 60% of the machine power
Machine net weight 5500kg