ZJH-216A Automatic Air Bubble Pressing Machine

ZJH-216A Automatic Bubble Pressing Machine is an automatic model specifically

designed to bubble press not just the regular lid & base rigid boxes but also deep wine

boxes and slipcases. Its fast working speed, high pressure pressing and stable structure

make it a great tool for box manufacturers to avoid issues such as scratches caused by

manual process. It also effectively saves 2 labour on bubble pressing jobs. You need

this machine to improve your box quality and reduce the defective product rate and

labour cost.

Maximum size of lid and base D350*Š350*V150mm
Max. wine box/wine cabinet size D180*Š260*V350mm
Min. box size 80*80*10mm
Working speed 24-35 ks/min
Machine size 4000*1100*2000
Machine weight 1500KG
Machine power AC220V/1,75kw