YS-900/1200 Case (Rigid Cover) Wrapping Machine

The YS-900/1200 Rigid Binding Edge Folding Machine automates the case packing process of folding/wrapping edges. 4 sizes are available for different needs. Works great as an automatic case making line with gluing machine.

1. YS-900/1200 Rigid Binding Packing Machines use unique CAM mechanism with servo drive, high speed and stability.
2. They can be easily matched with ordinary packaging production line with positioning line, whether semi-automatic or fully automatic, direct wiring, no need to modify the existing production line.
3. Compared with the air motor, there are less wearing parts in the machine, it does not need air compressor and works orderly.
4. It has stable and long service life.
5. This machine can be customized to produce very large or small size hard links, according to customer’s needs.

Maximum cabinet size YS900 500 mm × 900 mm
Maximum cabinet size YS1200 650 mm × 1200 mm
Minimum cabinet size 80 mm × 200 mm
Speed 20-30 ks/min
Machine power 2,5 kW/220 V
Machine size 2500×1250×1100 mm
Machine weight 800 kg