Semi-automatic Bubble Removal Machine

These are semi-automatic models specifically designed to press the lid and base (set-up) of rigid boxes and wine boxes to remove air bubbles. The M model can exert higher pressure for and is more suitable for larger boxes.
Its high pressure pressing and stable design make it a great tool for box makers to avoid the problems caused by manual bubble removal, which causes scratching and is inefficient.
User-friendly touch screen interface, easy to set up jobs and parameters.
The operator can set different working patterns on the touch screen with the setting of pressing speed and time, the machine can automatically adjust and the data is saved to the computer for the next project with the same box.
Super high pressure, great bubble pressing effect, can help production to deal with the problems caused by inferior adhesives.

Maximum box size  D500*W450mm
Min. box size D60*W60 mm
Working speed 0-25 ks/min
Machine size 900*800*1600
Machine weight 200 kg
Machine power supply AC220V/<1kw