GR-420 Book block head band machine

Book block head band machine is a flexible and compact machine for the applications  of head band on round and square book blocks. It is the perfect solution for medium and small book binding companies. The head band is combined with the glue strip on the book spine two sides . It is no need to clean at the end of the production.

  • Adopting PLC operating systém
  • Automatic sensor detection mode of operation, efficient safe
  • Replace products easily, fast ajustment speed
  • Plug cloth special equipment
  • Plug cloth bonding spine
  • Provide factory solutions
  • Easy to use, high output, no need to clean
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)​ 700*850*1550mm
Area covered 1000mm*1000mm
Voltage Single phase 220V 50Hz 200W
Air compressor 1.6KW
Pressure 6Bar
Ridge direction 120mm-400mm
Page direction 100mm-285mm
Thickness 8mm-55mm
Speed 650-750 books/hour
Machine Weight 300KG