CCD Positioning Coated Box Making Machine

    • Short Setup Time: (1) With two cameras, this machine can capture both paper position and box position, which greatly reduces the setup time.
    • Dual positioning unit options allow manufacturers to place two boxes at a time, with different sizes, usually producing the lid and base at the same time, increasing efficiency.
    • The machine uses two high-speed industrial cameras for positioning with very high precision and therefore has a large field of view which makes it easy to set up.
    • The key components of the machine are from refurbished manufacturers: the Yamaha robotic arm, Japanese Nidec-Shimpo reducer, Japanese Tamagawa servomotor, PMI screw splined shaft.

The fully automatic rigid box production line is a combination of 3 machines, a corner gluing machine, a CCD positioning machine (with gluing and positioning) and a rigid box forming machine. Firstly, the suction head loads the glued paper into the lubrication roller. It then places it with a layer of glue on the conveyor belt. Meanwhile, the corner gluing machine forms the grey cardboard boxes and feeds the boxes onto the conveyor belt. The positioning machine grabs the boxes and places them on the glue-coated paper. This is followed by a top pressing process to ensure that the box adheres properly to the glue and finally the products are delivered to the box forming machine where the boxes are wrapped. Finally, the product can proceed to the pressing machine to remove air bubbles.

Maximum box size (one lane)                            D450*Š420*V120 mm

Minimum box size (two lanes)                           D50*Š50*V10 mm

Working speed                                                       15-30 ks/min

Accuracy                                                                  ±0,2 mm

Machine size                                                           1800 × 1200 × 1850 mm

Machine weight                                                     500 kg

Machine power input                                           AC220V/2,5 kW

Air compressor                                                      6-8 barů