TL780-RD Vertical Automatic Foil Stamping and Die-cutting Machine


TL780-RD vertical automatic foil stamping and die-cutting machine is designed for meeting domestic of foreign customers die-cutting process.

TL780-RD has the advantages of simple operation accurate positioning, safe and reliable, low investment and high return. It is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises to make high-grade and exquisite small-volume printed materials.

The working process of the main engine is driven by the crankshaft connecting red mechanism for the reciprocating motion and the pressure adjusting mechanism with the completion. In the host, the installation of hot stamping mechanism and automatic feeder after the connection, you can perform automatic feeding-die-cutting/hot-stamping-peel-the collection of the work cycle.

Electric control box uses advanced PLC control system, the main components provided by the famous foreign companies, including stamping foil action by four groups of servo motor control.

  • Feeding adopts cylinder to separate and merge.
  • Adjust the pressure adopts servo motor drive, it can be adjusted on the touch screen, and it can fun-tune, it also can adjust without stopping the machine.
  • Lubrication adopts oil pump, the oil can be recycled filiter and use
  • The main motor adopts alternating current inverter control, starting and braking adopts pneumatic clutch device, so that the machine can be operated in any case freely, and more secure.
Model TL-780-RD
Max. sheet size(mm) 780X560
Min. sheet size(mm) 350X280
Max. feeding pile height(mm) 700mm
Max. collect pile height(mm) 160mm
Max. working pressure(N) 110×104N
Power rating(kw) 8kw
Air pump displacement(㎡/h) 40㎡/h
Paper range(g/㎡) 100g-2000g/㎡
Max. mechanical speed(s/h) 1500s/h paper<150g/㎡
2800s/h paper>150g/㎡
Machine weight(kg) 6000kg
Machine noise(db) <77db
Electric power plate(kw) 10kw
Longitudinal  foil 2
Transverse foil 2
Overall machine dimensions(mm) 3850×1920×2200mm