Folder gluer with bottom gluing

Performance feature

· Controlled by Siemens PLC,the electric devices adopt international brands such as Schneider and Omron to ensure that the control system is stable and reliable;

· Down folding folder gluer is easy to adjust and fast to change order;

· High quality imported belts are stable and durable;

· Accurate paperboard feeding is assured by vacuum suction feeding system;

· Secondary creasing and 90℃squaring mechanism make paperboard folding more accurate;

· Accurate counting;

· Secondary flapping structure eliminates fishtail thoroughly;

· Suitable for cartons with non-woven fabric handle.

Machine model



Max. speed


Cardboard type

Suitable for A, B, C, AB, AC etc. 3-5 ply corrugated cardboard

Cardboard thickness


Suitable cardboard

Min. size



Max. size



Size scope

L :170-700
W + L:340-1000
L :170-900
W + L:340-1350

Overall dimension(L ×W ×H)



(Machine power)


(Machine weight)

Approximately 9.8t

Approximately 11.2t

Packing number


Automatic glue spraying system,peristaltic pump glue supplying system

Plasma surface treatment system

Falling type stacking part(Can effectively avoid scratching carton)

Automatic strapping machine

Feeding Unit

High negative pressure vacuum suction box feeding system ensures feeding more accurate without skewness.

Height of back gauge is adjustable to fit for feeding of warpage board or boxes with non-woven fabrics handle;

Glue box is flexibly floated and attached to glue wheel without leakage,less consumption of glue;

Use imported high quality diaphragm pump,durable in use;

Can use ordinary glue to reduce the cost of production.


Folding Unit

Secondary creasing and 90℃squaring function effectively improve folding precision of paperboard,and effectively solved the problem of bursting;

Easy adjustment on the folding guide bars and shortens order exchange time,exchange time takes just 2-3 minutes;

Speed of lower folding belts on both sides are independently adjustable by VFD,effectively correcting the fishtail,and prevent the less height boxes from bursting.


Driving Unit

Air blower with large air volume accelerates the falling of the folded board to prevent the carton from rebounding;

Automatic flapping mechanism effectively avoid fishtail after folded..

Bottom-inserting Stacking Unit

Long time for finishing is favorable for enhancing glue precision;

Bottom-inserting type paper output is stable and decreases failure rate;

Secondary flapping structure eliminates fishtail completely;

Number of boxes per bundle can be set freely,the small bundle can also work under high speed.


Top loading stacker

Realize high speed collection,consisting of collector,lifter and ejector.

Precise counting by photocells

Ejection rolls driven by Servo motor,works synchronously with press unit,ensures tidy output.

Air blower with large air volume accelerates the falling of the folded board to prevent the carton from rebounding;






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