The machines from SERTO XL series are intended for the highly-efficient production. Thanks to the possibility of installing the drive of top leading elements and pneumatic press, the machine may process even the most difficult ordered works.

Innovative systems of leveling used in the machines of SERTO XL series guarantee incomparable quality achieved by the final product.

With the use of appropriate technologies of VERSOR company, the machine of this series is perfect for the production of e-commerce packages.

Standard configurations: 145, 165, 185, 200 cm of working width.

Operating speed from 200 m/min even up to 650 m/min.

Kind of materials: solid cardboard, microwave cardboard, foil, corrugated cardboard.

Grammage: 80 – 800 g/m.


SERTO XL is also available as a semi-automatic and fully-automatic version.

Template format: minimal 350 x 300 [mm], maximal width 1450 /1600 /2000 [mm] x length 1500 [mm].

This product can be equipped with additional features. Check which features might be useful in your business:

●VACUmatic: – Alignment module after feeder. Quick and intelligent setup.

●PACKmatic: – Right angle or vertical output solution for operator convenience.

●BRAILLEmatic: – Servo-rotary embossing module (Braille) for the pharmaceutical industry.

●LOGItronic: – Automation configuration and control software.

●PLASMAtronic: – Surface activation system for better bonding results.

●CHECKtronic: – Complete quality control system with integrated ejection.

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Model Serto XL

145 165 185 200


Max. weight 

1200 g/m3

Paperboard type

A, B, C, E, F, N, BE, BF, EF


400 V


16-36 16-36



16-26 m


8 – 11 t 10 – 15 t 10 – 16 t

10 – 17 t


250 m/min