Reborn RBJ-350 Digital die cutting machine (9 hlav)

  • The machine does not require any form of die cutting tool. This results in significant savings in production costs and also reduces the time it takes to produce the entire job because there is no need to wait for the die to be created.
  • Ideal machine for any product shape. Ideal for personalized labels of small and medium volumes.
  • Setting up the machine takes less than 3 minutes of time.
  • The machine is designed to meet high safety standards – CE, integral side cover, Panasonic servo motors, easy operation and maintenance
    Equipped with two sets of hex knife cutting heads and N sets of N-knives
  • Wireless machine internet connection (remote support), up to 450mm roll diameter, the unwinding system is equipped with automatic roll shutdown
  • CCD camera used to monitor the edge of the substrate – leveling system – to guarantee maximum accuracy and quality of the cut.
  • The rewind unit is equipped with an archive unit, optionally systems for:
    a. cutting the roll into smaller rolls (slitting unit),
    b. Lacquering
    c. Flat cutting
    d. Hot stamping
    • Improved production efficiency
      1. No cutting board or mould needed
      2. All processing in one pass



    • Stable mechanical performance
      1. CE certification
      2. Premium component suppliers (servo motors – Rexroth, Panasonic)
      3. CCD camera ensures precise alignment



    • High quality outputp
      1. There is no blurred edge to the film
      2. Simple control for different shaped patterns
      3. Absolutely precise cutting



    • Flexible service
      1. Possibility of remote connection to the machine via Wifi
      2. Service intervention from 24 hours

Tabulka řezacích rychlostí stroje

Max. substrate width 350 mm
Max. speed of straight knife cutting 145m/min
Min/max gap between dual knives in one set 65mm/260mm
Number of knives 9 nožů (může být více)
Power input 380V/45A
Power 20.5KW
Machine weight 5500KG